Vehicle Exhibitor Application Form „Eastern European Zone & Polish Community Zone 2024”

Vehicle (Cars or Bike) Exhibitor Application Form

Terms and Conditions

1) The event is open to Eastern European Zone & Polish Community Zone 2024 Terms & Conditions. Entry is at the discretion of Fans of Classic Cars.
2) All vehicles must be licensed and have a valid MOT certificate if required.
3) All vehicles must be covered by appropriate insurance as required by law.
4) Entrants are at the owners own risk, Fans of Classic Cars accepts no liability.
5) Club entries must specify the exact room required prior to the event.
6) Entry is for vehicle and up to 2 occupants, additional passengers will be charged at the usual show entry fee.
7) Vehicles exhibiting in the show must remain on site until 4.30 pm.
8) Please note - Car passes will be sent out closer to the show event date.

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